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Psychodynamic Counsellor

I completed my training at WPF Therapy which is recognised as one of the leading counselling and psychotherapy training organisations in the UK and has a reputation for clinical and academic excellence. I hold the WPF Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling, 2001. Post Graduate MSC in Psychodynamic Studies, University of Surrey, Roehampton.

In addition to my private practice, I have considerable clinical experience in diverse public and corporate mental health settings.

I have practised counselling in primary health care in a North London GP Surgery. I have several years experience of Focal Brief Therapy for an EAP, an Employee Assistance Provider providing counselling to employees in private and public corporations. I am a case manager for an EAP I have considerable experience in time-limited telephone counselling and assessments. I have worked for SANELINE.
In addition I have experience in time-limited telephone counselling.
From 2002-2003 I undertook a psychiatric placement at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Areas of Specialism: Depression, anxiety

My approach is psychodynamic, a model which draws on psychoanalysis. This approach lays emphasis on the unconscious life of the individual and the ways that past experiences can influence us in the present. We may have feelings, thoughts, fears and wishes of which we are only partly aware but which play a large part in determining our attitudes, behaviour and relationships. By gaining awareness of your inner processes you can become freer to make choices so that we can find better ways of relating to ourselves and others. This can enable you to recognise and change old familiar patterns which are detrimental to your happiness and mental health.


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